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1 - Transportation of solid or liquid

2 - Storage

3 - Weighing Systems

4 - Industrial Dedusting

5 - Other products

2 - Storage


Granaries storage for different products

Depots for grain products made of different materials according to the need of the project or customer preference.

We design, manufacture and assemble granaries of various capacities with high mechanical strength and durability.

These granaries can be designed with direct discharge to truck, or with unloading system by screw conveyors.

Depending on the application or the properties of each product can be manufactured from various materials since steel to carbon stainless Aisi.304 / 316.

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Storage depots

Depots for storing liquids or solids, with applications since food to industrial sector:

Food sector: Azeite, Óleos, vinhos, cereais, lacticínios, água, cerveja, sumos entre outros.

Industrial sector: Chemical industry, paints, ceramics, Biodiesel.

Depending on the capacity and type of the intended product these depots can be manufactured with flat or conical bottom.

We design and manufacture all types of deposits in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Aisi.304 / 316 always taking into account the intended capacity adapted to the physical space of each project.

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Feed hoppers

Reception and storage hoppers for raw materials from cereals, to animal byproducts, waste, sludges, among other materials.

This Feed hoppers can be closed with hinged lid hydraulic or pneumatic actuator for ease of opening and safety, but also allow direct discharge of the truck.

We design these hoppers in accordance with the specifications, in terms of both physical space and functionality for each product, always with the aim of optimizing the entire process since its beginning.

Depending on the application may be made of carbon steel, stainless steel or Aisi.304L Aisi.316

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