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We manufacture products for various industrial sectors such as food processing, processing of animal and vegetable by-products, metallurgy amoung others.

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We provide preventive, corrective and curative maintenance of equipment and industrial machinery.

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Elisteel is located in Gondomar, in the parish of Foz do Sousa approximately 10 Km away from Porto.

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About Elisteel



SERRALHARIA MECÂNICA JÚLIO CASTRO LDA., founded on 27th February 1988, decided, after much consideration and analysis, to renew and to promote its image. Thus arose the brand name ELISTEEL, which is implicitly related to its productive activity. It also bet in creating a website to represent and publicize the company in communication networks to the global level.


Our company has as its main objectives the continuous improvement of its products and the total satisfaction of its customers.

It has good technical resources, infrastructure and qualified personnel. It has a high know-how and a great experience acquired over the years, these factors have contributed to their growth and development.


Consolidated its presence in a significant number of prestigious companies, either in the national territory or countries in the European Union.

Its main customers are included in various industrial sectors, such as: agrifood, processing sub products of animal and vegetable origin, metallurgy and others.


The process of growth and development of our Company is the result of teamwork between the Board and the employees, which involved, motivated and with a high team spirit, made possible results that increasingly want better, in a perspective of Total quality.




Making the quality rigor and the orientation to customer satisfaction, the guidelines of our work, is to adjust each proposal for every work, to the needs and aspirations of those who come to us.

It is with this spirit, that we want our business partners to require to us, as much commitment and the best solutions, so that we are getting better and we can, at every moment, to continue our journey with Excellency as a goal




To be a company of reference in the interaction with the customer, in order to find solutions to solving problems and technological progress

To be a competitive business partner, standing out from other competitors in the market by:

  • Technological level
  • Binomial quality/price
  • Reliability
  • Delivery times




We have principles and values which do not abdicate and that combined with the company's philosophy, rule our conduct in the business:

  • ETHICS             - Integrity, Honesty and Loyalty
  • WORK               - Compromise and dedication
  • RESPECT           - Human performance, Trust
  • VALORIZATION  - Innovation, Wealth creation


Quality is our branding. Contact us!


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