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1 - Transportation of solid or liquid

2 - Storage

3 - Weighing Systems

4 - Industrial Dedusting

5 - Other products

1 - Transportation of solid or liquid


Screw conveyors

Also called "endless conveyor" are used for transporting many solid materials with low moisture content.

These equipments are manufactured with high wear resistance for greater durability, tailored to the specifications of each product.

These carriers are applied to various types of industry: food, rendering units, cement, biomass, corks, mills, wastewater treatment plant, etc.

We design the ideal carrier for each type of product taking into account the carrying capacity required.

These devices can be manufactured in carbon steel, Hardox 400, Stainless Steel or Aisi.304 and Aisi.316L

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Bucket elevators

This type of equipment is used for the vertical transport of products in grain or powder form, with application in numerous industrial sectors:

Agro food industry, woods, grinding, steel, among other.

Depending on the type of product to transport the elevators may be manufactured with screen or chain to ensure greater durability and functionality of the equipment.

We design and manufacture the type of elevator suitable for each application, dimensions and transport capacity desired.

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